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Minutes of the Board of Trustees Meeting

MARCH 15, 2017

Present:  Mayor Susan Lopatkin, Trustees, Alina Hendler Philip Bornstein. Jeff Greener. Late:  Trustee Darren Kaplan 8:10 PM.

Mayor Lopatkin brought the meeting to order at 8:03 PM. 

On motion of Mayor Lopatkin, seconded by Trustee Greener, approve minutes from the February 15, 2017 meeting. The vote was 4 for, 0 against and 0 abstentions. Motion carried. 

Architectural Review Board:

1 Greenacre Court:  replacing 27 windows on the first and 2nd floor. In 2015 all the casement windows were replaced and now they want to replace the double hung windows.  The look of the house will be exactly the same.  Mayor Lopatkin motioned to approve window plans as presented, seconded by Trustee Bornstein. The vote was 5 for, 0 against, and 0 abstentions. Motion Carried.

41 North Drive: New home construction: Presenting Architect Barbara Dziorney.  Design of the house is “Kensington” Colonial traditional.  Brick will be Cushwa Brick Shenandoah – jumbo size with grapevine joint, Pella Pro Line Windows with simulated divided light, white phypon trim, doric columns, 15” shutters, exterior lights on side of front door and garage, black wrought iron railings on rear elevation, and roof is Grand Manor Certainteed in Black Pearl.  Mayor Lopatkin asked if there was going to be air conditioning compressors and a generator because most new homes have them.  Air conditioning compressors will be added later within the side setback as required. Architect is not sure if they will put in a generator.  Owner did not say anything.  ARB feels this house should have a centered walk way – however it does not fall within Feng Shui.  The Walkway comes to the driveway not the curb.
Mayor Lopatkin made a motion to approve the design plans as submitted with the following caveats;

  • The walkway should come to the curb and should be centered
  • Re submit the Landscaping plan with some softer plantings
  • Protection for the three trees in front of the house in case they get diseased or die during construction by replacing them

Seconded by Trustee Hendler. The vote was 5 for, 0 against, and 0 abstentions. Motion Carried.

18.5 Arleigh road:  New home construction:  Architect Edna Guilor presenting. Lot size is 120 x 110 the plans are at the max f.a.r.  All accents will be terra bronze color (copper colored aluminum) proposed brick is Gery Brick Avignon, with motor being monochromatic with the intent to do a herringbone pattern on the front façade above garage.  The roof will have a slate look.  Walkway is bluestone and the pavers are grey/red. Landscape plan consists of Holly, Irish Yew’s, perennials in front will be Japanese Bayberry, and St. John’s Wart. Mayor Lopatkin motioned to approve the design plans as presented with the following caveats;

  • There must be a mock up on site of the bricks and mortar of at least 4’x 8’
  • There must be a mock up pf the pavers
  • Trees must be replaced if there is any damage during construction
  • There must also be protection of all hedges
  • The two a/c compressors and one generator must be on revised plan

Seconded by Trustee Hendler. The vote was 5 for, 0 against, and 0 abstentions. Motion Carried.

Susan Lopatkin Mayor’s Update: Vigilant is asking to get assurance from villages they service that we will be going forward with their fire and ambulance service by signing their new contract.  At this time the signing of the contract has been tabled until next month.  We will pay the preliminary budget rates for 2017/18. 

Year End p&l to budget performance results were very good.  We netted the year end at $488,000 positive variance or 12.75%.  Meaning we spent less than we thought and brought more revenue than expected.

We now have a Village Fund balance policy and  Mayor Lopatkin motioned to adopt this as our Fund Balance policy, seconded by Trustee Kaplan. The vote was 5 for, 0 against, and 0 abstentions. Motion Carried.

Inc. Village of Kensington
Fund Balance Policy

The Board of Trustees of the Village of Kensington recognizes that the maintenance of a fund balance is essential to the preservation of the financial integrity of the Village and is fiscally advantageous for both the Village and its taxpayers. This policy establishes goals and provides guidance concerning the desired level of fund balance maintained by the Village to mitigate financial risk that can occur from unforeseen revenue fluctuations, unanticipated expenditures, and similar circumstances.

Fund balance is a measurement of available financial resources and is the difference between total assets and total liabilities in each fund.

Governmental accounting principles distinguishes fund balance classified based on the relative strength of the constraints that control the purposes for which specified amounts can be spent. Beginning with the most restrictive constraints, fund balance amounts will be reported in the following categories:

  • Restricted fund balance – amounts that can be spent only for the specific purposes as either stipulated by external parties either constitutionally or through enabling legislation (e.g., grants or donations), or as stipulated by the board of trustees by resolution
  • Unassigned fund balance – includes all amounts not contained in other classifications and is the residual classification of the general fund only. Unassigned amounts are available for any legal purpose.

The responsibility for designating funds to Restricted and Unassigned fund balances is approved by the Board of Trustees at the time the yearly budget is presented each January.

Minimum Unassigned Fund Balance
It is the goal of the Village to achieve and maintain an unassigned fund balance in the general fund at fiscal yearend of not less than 10% of expenditures. If the assigned fund balance at fiscal year end falls below the goal, the Village shall develop a restoration plan to achieve and maintain the minimum fund balance.
Order of Expenditure of Funds

When the multiple categories of fund balance are available for expenditure (e.g., a project is being funded partly by a grant, funds set aside by the Board, and unassigned fund balance), the Village will start with the most restricted category and spend those funds first before moving down to the next category with available funds as approved by the Board of Trustees.
Inc. Village of Kensington
March 1, 2017

In order to receive our $40,000.00 grant from DASNY for the repair and replacement of sidewalks in the Village the following Resolution for SEQRA must be passed.  Mayor Lopatkin motioned to adopt the following SEQRA Resolution, seconded by Trustee Hendler.

RESOLUTION authorizing the Inc. Village of Kensington to enter an agreement with the Dormitory Authority of the State of NY to receive funding for the replacement and repair of various sidewalks in the Village from Middle Neck Road to East Shore Road.

WHEREAS, the Inc. Village of Kensington desires to enter into an agreement with the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, to replace and repair  various sidewalks in the Village from Middle Neck Road to East Shore Road.

WHEREAS, pursuant to said agreement, the Dormitory Authority of the State of NY will provide funding to reimburse the Inc. Village of Kensington in the amount of $50,000.00 for materials, labor and equipment

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Kensington authorizes entering into an agreement with the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York for the above said project, and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of Kensington adopts this resolution making a SEQRA environmental determination that the proposed Agreement and project will not have a significant effect on the environment and issues a negative declaration. 
Affirmative    5   Opposed         0              Abstained   0

On March 8, 2017 the Board of Education held a meeting with the Great Neck Mayors to determine what the Board of Ed could have done differently regarding the bond issue.   Feedback from Mayors; many people didn’t’ know about the vote, only those whose children are currently in the school district seemed to be informed.  Also people felt the buildings should have been fixed with money that was in the yearly budget, each year rather than waiting until the roof is literally falling apart to address these matters


June Feldman - of 29 Beverly Road would like her neighbor at 31 Beverly Road to take out the bushes at the end of her driveway so that when someone backs out of herdrive way they can see better.. The bushes are in the line of vision. Although the Village put a mirror up, it is not enough. The Feldmans have approached the neighbors to pay for the removal and install low bushes.  At night it is very difficult to see.  The neighbor does not want to cooperate.   The building inspector went to check on this problem and based on his investigation, he concluded the problem is not something the village ought to address. (see att. letter from building inspector) Many homes in the village have hedges along the front and sides.  (copy of his report attached).  The Board acknowledged the problem however, the Board can’t force anyone to trim and cut their own bushes and based on the building inspector’s report, the board is not taking further action. Trustee Bornstein suggested the Feldmans write a letter to the neighbor putting them on notice and send a copy to their Insurance Company in case something happens.  The Board offered to check with Lt. Giraulo to see if a larger mirror on a different pole could be installed.

Alina Hendler - Tree Commissioner:  Nothing to report this evening.

Darren Kaplan - Building Commissioner:  Nothing to report this evening.

Jeff Greener - beautification:  report on playground equipment. We need to replace the main structure in the big kids playground. Cost of the equipment, installation, shipping, can cost over 30,000.00.    We also need to purchase shorter chains for the swings.  Mayor Lopatkin Resolves to have Jeff confer with herself and Alina to stay within our budget of $35-$40,000.00 and pick out the proper equipment, so it can be ordered prior to the next board meeting in April and installed in time for the pool opening in May, seconded by Trustee Kaplan. The vote is 5 for, 0 against, 0 abstained.  Resolution carried.

Philip Bornstein - pool:
  Stu has contacted Phil to say that half of the lifeguards are coming back this summer. We have someone to be the gatekeeper 

On motion of Mayor Lopatkin seconded by Trustee Kaplan to accept the Police, Village Justice and Treasurers reports. The vote was 5 for, 0 against and 0 abstentions. Motion carried.

On motion of Mayor Lopatkin, seconded by Trustee Kaplan adjourn the meeting at 9:45 PM.

At 9:50 entered into exec session.
At 10:55 exec session ended

The Village will proceed with foreclosure on 8 Sutton Court.


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